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Salt and pepper are staples that you are bound to find sitting on almost every kitchen table. Nonetheless, these ingredients are hardly boring when freshly ground and executed in the proper manner. We, the Beyond Flavor Company, bring to you an electric salt and pepper mill which is our number one premium and an elegant product that is meant to add a touch of class to your food preparation process.
Our salt and pepper mill is a classic selection that you will want to consider for faster and excellent results that bring about very little or completely no mess. Our electric salt and pepper mill is a cool form of grinder that uses batteries to reduce the coarse salt particles and grinding the peppercorns giving you an added advantage and a raise of standards to every meal that you prepare in your kitchen.
electric salt and pepper mill

Our very first priority as the Beyond Flavor Company is to bring to you the most useful, elegant and classic kitchen gadgets. Therefore, we introduced this cool salt and pepper mill which allows you to freshly grind your salt, pepper and other spices personally. The mill is extremely easy to use while still maintaining elegance for an extra fine grind with as little mess as possible. Freshly grinding your pepper and spices with the Beyond Flavor salt and pepper mill allows them to release and maintain their fresh aroma and their flavors giving you an elegant and fuller flavor to the realm of flavorful meals.

With its beefy and cool aluminum construction, the Beyond Flavor pepper and salt mill is by far the ultimate budget pick that observes class, elegance and quality of a fine grind, hence making it a perfect gift and a cool kitchen gadget that is a must have. Additionally, it remains a number one pick in terms of speed, performance as well as ease of use. So why don’t you try is today and share in the elegance.


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Beyond Flavor specializes in everything for cooking and dining. We appeal to everyone – from the novice to the gourmet cook – by offering the broadest product selection and variety available. Our mission is to provide you with the best quality merchandise at the best prices.

With our 6 years of experience, our company has been been a one-stop shop for products used for the preparation and serving of food.

Soon we will expose our wide variety of kitchen gadgets….

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